Our Winery


As lifelong finance and capital service providers with a passion    for wine, we were compelled to produce something tangible to leave as a  legacy for our daughter. From our desire to create a familial legacy in  which we could all have input — from labels to branding, creed and, of  course,


our final products — we dreamed the dream of creating fine wines  exceptional in all   aspects. 

Ours is a labor of love, with the goal of making the highest quality  product   possible in the quintessential, Old World Burgundian style.

Founded in 2005, we made our first wine in 2006 with just 75 cases of    Pinot Noir and 25 cases of Pinot Gris. Since then, we have been  steadily, but slowly, increasing, remaining focused on the goal of  delivering truly hand-crafted, high quality artisan Pinot Noirs and  Pinot Gris that evoke an Old World appreciation for life and all it’s  natural beauties.


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